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Termite Control

Your First Choice for Termite Control

While they may be small, termites can cause unimaginable damage to your property. It's crucial to take preventative measures now to avoid expensive repair costs in the future. Our termite removal program involves all of the necessary steps to keep your home termite-free.

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Protect Your Property

You've spent a lot of time and money on your property. Don't let termites ruin your home experience. When you rely on us, you can rest assured knowing that we put you first and remain dedicated to solving your pest problems effectively and efficiently.

The first step in termite control involves a thorough inspection of your property. We scour the areas that are susceptible to termite threat and look for indications of termite infestation. These include mud tubes, damaged wood, termite swarm rings, and more. Next, we'll take all of the necessary steps to protect your property and make termites a part of your past.

Where Do Termites Strike?

Florida enjoys a temperate climate and warm temperatures for most of the year. Unfortunately, this climate entices pests in large numbers. Termites especially thrive in warm, moist climates like that of southern Florida. Just because you don't have a wood-framed house doesn't mean your property is free of termites. All homes – new, old, wooden, stucco, block, and more – are vulnerable. Termites feed on any material made from wood, including paper products, cardboard, and furniture. This means that your wooden furniture, boxes, interior walls, and attic trusses are all threatened by these pesky critters.

Florida termites flourish all year long, meaning they are an ever-present nuisance. In Florida, there are 3-5 active termite colonies per acre of land, with an average of 60,000 working termites per colony. Unfortunately, insurance policies do not cover damage created by termites. Each year, there is over $500,000 worth of termite damage in Florida alone. Be sure to take precautions before costlier repairs are required.

Termite Types

There are four common types of termites:
• Subterranean Termites – Live underground and build mud tubes to feed on wood and cellulose items before returning back to the soil.
• Dampwood Termites – Feed on damp and decaying wood.
• Drywood Termites – Feed on any material made of cellulose, such as paper, furniture, cardboard, walls of homes and buildings, door frames, and attic trusses.
• Formosan Termites – Make nests that retain moisture, similar to subterranean termites. Their nests can have more than one million working termites.